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Motion Compensation Systems

Rigrun Europe Ltd is a major refurbisher and distributer of motion compensation systems.  Motion compensation systems are devices used on floating drilling rig to provide a near constant upward force independent of the movement of the vessel. When the vessel is heaving and rolling due to waves, and wind, motion compensation systems work as a pre-tensioner spring and keep equipment taut and prevent it from buckling under its own weight. These tensioner systems are based upon the hydro-pneumatic principle using pressurised gas as the energy absorbing medium and hydraulic fluid as the transmission mechanism.

Rigrun Europe Ltd’s reputation for quality and service has resulted in us being the trusted choice with many oil support companies. Rigrun Europe Ltd focuses on forming long-term working relationships with clients and takes pride in successful customer projects. Rigrun Europe Ltd’s quality procedures make the entire process of purchasing, installing, and maintaining equipment trouble-free. Whether our client requires troubleshooting, fabrication, repair, refurbishment, parts or simple straightforward advice, Rigrun Europe Ltd are the specialists always ready to help. All Rigrun Europe Ltd’s new systems are manufactured to meet client required industry standards.

Rigrun Europe Ltd has specialized in the two major types of drill string compensators found onboard drill ships and semi-submersible drill rigs

  • Drill string compensator between the traveling block and hook
  • Top mounted heave compensator