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Reset Relief Valve

Rigrun Europe Ltd provides a refurbishment service for reset relief valves (RRV’s), including the supply of new valves and parts Originally Rigrun Europe Ltd were an agent for Retsco reset relief valves and now supply the NOV brand since their acquisition of Retsco in 2006.

Rigrun Europe Ltd experienced valve sales team and technicians are on hand to assist with queries on parts and repairs as well as offering just simple straightforward advice.

Popular parts are held in stock supplied with material certification, if applicable. In the event parts are not in stock we can source from the manufacturer to meet demand.

Rigrun Europe Ltd trusted quality & service reputation has resulted in valves and parts being distributed worldwide with a large international client base.


  • 2” & 3” Type B RRV
  • 3” Type C / C M2 / CH & Titan RRV
  • 3” Type RX / RX M2 / & Titan RRV


Reset relief valves are used as a safety valve on slush pumps, mud manifolds and other equipment to protect against high pressure surges.

RRV’s are manually resettable with a release button as a visual indicator to show if the valve is opened or closed. Reset relief valves are chosen by the customer because they are adjustable thought their range, easily maintained and reliable. The newer Titan range has a modified sealing arrangement with a hydraulically balanced cushioned piston and nickel alloy 718 body insert.