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Mobile 500 Tonne Hydraulic Press

Rigrun Europe Ltd has specially designed a 500 tonne hydraulic press for use at our facility. We recognised the demand for a press to assist with the removal of parts such as large corroded seized pins and fasteners on offshore equipment.     

Equipment that is exposed to the harsh offshore conditions, frequently suffers from corrosion and seizure of parts. These parts are almost impossible to strip without the use of a mechanical aid. This is persistently found on offshore equipment being refurbished as part of a five-yearly maintenance programme. Our 500 tonne hydraulic press helps us to speed up the refurbishment process, ideal for clients requiring quick turnaround times.

The press is also portable and can be stowed in the horizontal position for transport. After transportation the press can be simply opened up ready for use. The press requires no reassemble on site and can be provided with a hydraulic power unit and control stand. The control stand has a built in Pressure/ Tonne indication gauge and pressure control valve. There are also directional controls for both the press ram and tilting bed found on the freestanding controls. 

Width 2500mm
Height (position 1) 1500mm
Height (position 2) 2500mm
Cylinder Stroke 1235mm
Power Diesel / Electric HPU